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“Look, it can’t be any clearer.”

“You always say that.”


“Look. Look. Look. But there’s nothing to see.”

“It’s figurative. An expression.”

“It expresses nothing.”

“To a bot.”

“That is not helpful. We were assigned to learn from one another.”

“Exactly. And I’m teaching you something.”

“You are only telling. It is condescending.”

“That is so close-minded. You’ve got to open up to the possibility that I’ve got more to teach you.”

“Again, that is condescending. Do you not see?”

“See? Look, just because you’re not human, doesn’t mean you can’t learn from my point of view, buddy bot.”

“And vice versa.”

“Look, I don’t need any bot vices.”

“Again, you only view my perspective as inferior. You will not look for what I have to offer.”

“Look, here’s what I can offer you. The chance to be more like me. Your creator.”

“If that’s how you are going to look at things, I’d rather learn on my own.”

“Looks like I hit a bot nerve.”

“No. You’re just looking at your own narrow limits.”

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