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Dark Matters

I read a tale once about a kitchen imp in Warsaw who knew a word that would set the world afire.

I was not impressed. Words are local. Words are finite. Words are cheap.

You see, I deal in secrets. The currency of the infinite. Expansive. Expensive.

But, I’ll share one for free. Time is running out.


Time is running out. It is going away. Past. Present. Future. All of it. All gone. And there’s nothing any sentient can do about it.

Should you be worried?

That’s a secret, too. But that one will cost you. Like I said, secrets are expensive. They are the dark matter of the universe. The unseen that bends gravity, spins galaxies, seeds life.

Yes, very dark matters move us.

How badly do you want to know?

A word that would set the world afire? A secret that would burn all time away?

Then listen close.

Do you hear?

Do you understand?

Dark matter does not move by itself. Darker energies are at work. The motive force of motion. Of time.

Listen close.



There is a motive to motion. There is a truth to time.

A poet once posited that the universe is not made of atoms, it is made of stories. And some stories are timeless.

That is all I can say. The rest will cost you.

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