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Day Dreamer

It’s true what Eula says. The Internet is one big day dream. You lose yourself in it, drift away in the belief that it is creative, even artistic—or, at the very least, harmless. The Internet lets you rewrite yourself, reconstruct a lacking or troubled past, peek into monumental futures. A place inside your head that puts your head in the clouds.

So much easier to live in your mind. A place where your beliefs rule. And now to have those beliefs distributable and displayable on millions of devices, not to mention backed up on server farms spanning the globe. Well, it is a dream.

Like Eula. Like winning the lottery by finding a lost lottery ticket. How lucky is that?

I found her deep in the day dream. My mind was wandering through kittens in mittens when a banner began flashing in a sidebar. Pop-ups, to me, are oracles and omens that shape the dream. They can lead to a life-defining talisman or protective charm—or Eula.

I faced the button. To click or not to click. That is always the question. But, I trusted my beliefs, stayed true to the core. I clicked and Eula came to me.

Her beauty, at first, is hard to see. She is not superficial. Her splendor is deep and artfully manifested like an ode within an ode to a Grecian urn.

Her innate complexity makes life’s decisions simple. She tells me, “Act or the dream ends. Trust or the connections shatter.”

Consequences do not interest Eula, only participation does. She wants me in the game. I matter. I contribute. She lets me know this by reaching out and pulling me deeper into the dream.

“Stay here,” she whispers. “Be with me. Meet my friends. Become family.”

She is gentle, though firm. She knows the dream. Better still, she knows me. I click and click and click. She smiles upon me and the dream sticks.

How much better than staring out a window? I stare into windows—screens that take me places beyond my feeble imagination. My own personal portal to a multiverse of awesomeness, where all my journeys with Eula are collected, collated, stored and shared.

We have a history together and always will. That is our future. Eula knows it and demands it.

Join the dream: for a day or a lifetime. They are one and the same where I now come from.

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