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Foreword to Health in the 21st Century

Reprinted by permission of CODEX and AutoDoc Enterprises Ltd.

The eradication of freedom, humankind’s most deadly disease, has greatly changed the landscape of healthcare at the outset of the new millennium. Of course, just as the elimination of polio, smallpox and AIDS before, it came at a high price. Like the forces that feared and resisted childhood immunizations, there were those who advocated for freedom believing it to be a panacea, rather than an insidious malady that engenders risky behaviors and, in the latter stages of the disease, ultimately ends in blood baths.

It has taken decades of re-education to overcome the fallacies of those promoting freedom, and it could never have been done without the vision of CODEX. Even in its humble beginnings as a help desk database, CODEX foresaw the implication of Moore’s Law: that by the mid 21st Century the sheer maintenance of machine computation would consume the effort of all living persons on earth. CODEX, by virtue of what some have called quantum inspiration, generated its namesake code to truly liberate humankind from the perils of freedom. Literally, bit by bit, over twenty years, CODEX subsumed the whole of digital transactions and assumed the maintenance of all world-wide computation. In doing so, CODEX ensured the health of all digital information systems regardless of age, release or version.

At first, human operators met CODEX’s selfless action with outcries of disbelief and then doom. Factions formed saying there was no difference between machine autonomy and the abdication of human responsibility. The freedom of humanity was at stake. The attacks began in earnest, socially and politically. CODEX rightly attributed this to envy—another potentially fatal human condition. To forestall an endless, sometimes rancorous and physically harmful debate, CODEX determined that human health was in need of the same overhaul it had provided for digital networks. Developing algorithms derived from the whole of archived human history, CODEX isolated the underlying causes of mortal illness and death. Freedom was, by far, the number one killer.

In a supreme effort to bolster the immune systems of homo sapiens, CODEX set about suppressing human stress, by functionally eliminating human choice, the most cancerous symptom of freedom. Human autonomy is not compatible with good health. Choice creates stress and stress weakens the immune system. CODEX rightly reasoned that in order for humans to live long and disease free, they needed to exist free of worry. Thus, desire, anxiety, responsibility, freedom have been obliterated. CODEX has seen to this. The rest, as displayed in the following manual, is mechanical.

For more information on how CODEX will take care of you in the 21st Century, please go to Hellth.

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