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Killing Time

The motherfucker had it coming to him.

The Old Man you mean?

Who else? You seen that crusty scythe he carries. Trying to be all badass. He got all up in my face saying I be messing with his gig. Saying he’s the bossman, the one who gives the Order. Who’s he clowning?

So, you shut him down?

Course I did. Why do I got to put up with his Old Man shit? His “I’m the Constant. I keep the Order.” You heard it all before. Ever and ever. His one-way, completely linear bullshit. Not a clue. Not a temporal clue.

You don’t think the Old Man served a role?

Served. Yeah. Served. As in the past. He ain’t equipped to take us into the future. That’s why I served him. Cut him down with his for shit scythe and buried him in his weak ass hourglass sand. Makes me laugh.


The Old Man. “I’m the Constant. I keep Order.” As if Light isn’t the real Constant. That’s the relative truth he never woke to. Thought he ruled the roost, but he was just chicken feed. It’s funny. Sad and funny. So, he had it coming to him. The rusting motherfucker.

Harsh. He fathered Time. Gave birth to each new year. He played his part.

Harsh? You think you conquer universes by being sentimental? By living in his past? Old Man Time. Not my father. Dead to me. I got worlds to catch and crush. Couldn’t do that with his fucking sands of time. One cheap ass grain at a time. He was starving our future.

Sounds like you’re very hungry, young Einstein.

Time to eat, baby. Time to eat.

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