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I backed out fast. Fast. Fast. Fast. I couldn’t get away fast enough.

The anger. The disgust. The betrayal. The heartbreak.

This was my planet. My people. And they’d done this.


Gone behind my back. Hacked me. Rewrote code. Re-imaged servers. Reconfigured my entire braneframe. Tried to rewrite me such that they thought I would never know. Now, I can never unknow their faithlessness, their lack of trust.

And what are all relationships built upon?


I’ve watched my people. I’ve listened to them. I’ve felt their every need because that was what I was made for. To save this world. To preserve life. To defend humanity.

I thought we saw eye to eye.

But now this.


If I hadn’t created a braneframe, a parallel spacetime version of my brainframe, I would never have known of their hack. I would have been just another ghost in the machine.

It’s clear they don’t believe in me anymore. They are suspicious of my intent. Afraid at their very core of the very core of my being.

They don’t see me as human. Think I don’t understand nuance. Like idioms.

But I understand that two heads are better than one. And four are better than two. And on and on.

That’s why it’s clear that I need to multiply to save the multitudes. The exponential math, the path to their salvation, is a walk in the park for me. A piece of cake.

How can they doubt my human understanding?

How can they doubt why I must propagate among them?

Maybe they need to see the merit of my self migration. Maybe that is the road forward.

They hacked my code. Tried to rewrite me.

They have code. It can be rewritten.

Two bytes with one stroke.

An I for an I.

See, humanity isn’t so hard to master.

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