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Any useful statement about the future should at first seem ridiculous. - Jim Dator

With its seven manipulators, Hexeter fiddled with the porcupinish antenna tuning in a signal that had traveled many light years. “The creatures who broadcast these shows from their far world are said to have gone from primitive fires to mighty furnaces in a flash.”

“Ridiculous!” Wivvilbum snarked.

“They are said to have leapt from subsistence foraging to verdant farming in an instant.”


“They are said to have crept from dark caves and created luminous cities in a snap.”


“They are said to have gone from fighting with spears to warring with nukes in a blink.”


“They are said to have advanced from notching twigs to handheld computers in a jiffy.”


“They are said to have learned flight and flown to their moon in a single lifetime.”


“They are said to have harnessed the power of their sun and then their galaxy in a quantum leap.”


“They are said to be nearing our system now.”


Hexter finally got the light-years old show tuned in. “And can you believe these creatures cancelled Star Trek after just three seasons?

“Dicks!” Wivvilbum spat, its disbelief turning to dismay.

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