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He was the guy. The guy that started it all. The guy we’re not even sure was a guy after all.


That was the name. The name that became the thing. The thing that changed everything.


He. She. They. It. Became the way. A way out. A way in. A way away.

If it sounds all rather cryptic, it’s because it is. Cryptic. Encrypted. Encryptonomicon, if you will. A new thinking. Thought 2.0.

And the Code became flesh and dwelt among us. Became us.

Skzchnzski’s code.

Consciousness hacked. Human thought as the mental equivalent of quanta, the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction in the quantum realm. Skzchnzski quantized the binary. The charges of quarks, electrons and neutrinos became our new ones and zeros.

Skzchnzski’s code.

Somatic coding. Neurons used to gather and transmit electrochemical signals through axons and dendrites, the new gates and wires of programming. Neural writability. Rewritability. The mind became a staggeringly vast programming canvas.

Promise. Premise. Premonition. Of doom? Of transcendence?

Add one more thing: string. Superstring theory. The supersymmetry that binds the universe.

Skzchnzski’s somatic code revealed the ocean. Opened the cosmic seas. Wave functions. Quantum foam. From particles to waves to foam. We are not the stuff of stars. We are marvels of motion. Intrinsic dynamism.

Reality a quantum handshake.

Force and matter a gravitational dance.

Consciousness a somatic song.

Skzchnzski let us sing. He. She. They. It.

Our voices can now cross the many minds of space and time.

What will be our refrain?

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